Physics from geometry

When I retired, in 2008, I was working on a book to summarize my thoughts and my work in fundamental physics; at the time I intended to dedicate myself to finishing that work but the truth is I didn’t progress any further. Rather than trashing what I wrote, I think it makes more sense to make it available as is; it can be downloaded from here:

Physics from geometry

It is my duty and pleasure to acknowledge that parts of my book have been adapted and follow closely the book by Doran and Lasenby listed in the references. Physics from geometry is a highly mathematical work, heavily based on geometric algebra (Clifford algebra) and I found the need to include a good introduction to this tool; as it happens, I know no better introduction to geometric algebra than Doran and Lasenby’s, that is why I decided to adapt their work to my own needs.

I’ve written several articles about the geometric character of physics, some of which cover aspects that are not included in the incomplete book mentioned above; perhaps the two most important ones are:

Can physics laws be derived from monogenic functions? and A geometric algebra approach to the hydrogen atom.


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